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A New Book about Mobile Media

Rowan Wilken and Gerard Goggin just published “Mobile Technology and Place”, a book about the interactions between mobile media technologies and issues of place. This book will be crucial to my research project (about how location-based services may affect our way of receiving and exchanging information in public/urban places and how it can enhance the spread of news) and for all those interested in the transformations provoked by location-based services in public and urban places. In this sense, I highlight the chapter five “The Urban Dynamics of Net Localities: How Mobile and Location-Aware Technologies are Transforming Places”, written by the researchers Eric Gordon and Adriana de Souza e Silva. However, it has been hard to get the book. It costs 125$ and it is “temporarily out of stock” on the Amazon.


About Cláudia Silva

Cláudia Silva is a Postdoctoral Research fellow at M-ITI (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute). She received a PhD in Digital Media from the New University of Lisbon within the context of the University of Texas at Austin-Portugal international doctoral program (May, 2016). For her doctoral dissertation, she worked with Latino communities in Austin, Texas, during four years, conducting ethnographic work and teaching different age groups on how to create grassroots location-based storytelling. At the University of Texas at Austin, her advisor was Dr. Joseph Straubhaar. At the New University of Lisbon, she was co-advised by Dr. António Granado. In Portugal, she has worked as an Arts Journalist for the national Portuguese newspaper Público. Cláudia has also published in the national Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, and in other regional and local Brazilian publications. She received a MA in Journalism from the New University of Lisbon, in Portugal (2009), and a BA in Social Communication (Journalism) from the Catholic University of Minas Gerais, in Brazil (2005). Her research interests are on digital media, locative media, location-based storytelling and mobile media, underserved and local communities, new technologies applied into social innovation and journalism. In addition to that, Cláudia is a fan of novels and literature, old and rare books, and she enjoys writing literary texts as well.


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